Patri Guijarro: Rising Midfield Star

Unnati Naidu
ata Journalist and Photographer
June 1, 2023
3 min
Patri Guijarro has quickly established herself as one of the rising stars in women's football. Known for her technical abilities, versatility, and tactical understanding of the game, she has become an integral part of Barcelona.

Patri Guijarro, is an exceptionally talented player who has made a significant impact in the world of football. Born on January 17, 1998, in Spain, Guijarro possesses a unique set of skills that make her an integral part of Barcelona's success.

Guijarro is a versatile midfielder known for her ability to control the game from the deep-lying midfield position. She excels in both the defensive and offensive aspects of play, showcasing her excellent tactical awareness and positioning. Guijarro's primary role is to shield the defense, intercept passes, and disrupt the opponent's attacking play. She combines her defensive prowess with impressive passing range, making her an effective playmaker and initiator of attacking moves.

Guijarro's defensive abilities are one of her strongest assets. Her exceptional reading of the game allows her to anticipate plays and make crucial interceptions. She possesses excellent tackling skills, displaying precise timing and the ability to win back possession cleanly. Guijarro is also adept at pressing opponents, forcing them into making mistakes or hurried passes. Her physicality and strength make it difficult for opponents to bypass her, making her a formidable presence in front of the backline.

Fiona Brown and Patri Guijarro duel for the ball during the UEFA Women s Champions League match between FC Barcelona, Barca and FC Rosengard at Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain (Unnati Naidu/SPP) IMAGO

Guijarro's passing abilities are commendable, making her an excellent link between defense and attack. She possesses the vision to spot openings and the technique to execute long-range accurate passes. Whether it's a simple sideways pass or a penetrating through ball, Guijarro can distribute the ball effectively and initiate attacking moves. Her passing accuracy and ability to switch play quickly often catch opponents off guard, allowing Barcelona to launch swift counter-attacks.

Guijarro's leadership qualities are evident both on and off the pitch. Despite her relatively young age, she exudes confidence and takes charge of the midfield. Guijarro effectively communicates with her teammates, organizing defensive structures and orchestrating the team's movements. Her ability to read the game and make quick decisions often inspires her teammates to raise their level of play, creating a cohesive unit on the field.

Guijarro possesses excellent technical skills, which make her a complete midfielder. Her first touch is exceptional, allowing her to control the ball effortlessly even in tight spaces. She is comfortable with the ball at her feet and displays excellent dribbling skills, often bypassing opponents with ease. Guijarro's physical attributes and work rate are noteworthy. She possesses good stamina, enabling her to cover vast areas of the pitch throughout the game. Guijarro's relentless pressing and relentless tracking back to assist the defense is crucial to Barcelona's defensive solidity. Additionally, her physical strength allows her to win aerial duels and hold off opponents, making her a dominant force in midfield battles.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-13 at 4.40.24 AM.jpeg
Patri Guijarro during UEFA Women's Champions League match between FC Barcelona vs VfL Wolfsburg at the Volkswagen Arena. Photo by James Whitehead


  • 1987 minutes played 
  • 25 starts
  • 3 goals
  • 9 assists
  • 1494 passes
  • 86% accuracy
  • 47 chances created
  • 101 accurate long balls
  • 104 duels won
  • 166 recoveries
  • 285 passes into the final third
  • 28 interceptions & 16 ball clearances


  • 687 minutes played 
  • 8 starts
  • 2 goals
  • 2 assists
  • 541 passes
  • 86% accuracy
  • 18 chances created
  • 20 accurate long balls
  • 20 duels won
  • 59 recoveries
  • 97 passes into the final third.

(data from fotmob)

Patri Guijarro's defensive midfield prowess and all-around abilities make her a vital asset for Barcelona. Her tactical awareness, defensive solidity, and passing range contribute significantly to the team's success. Guijarro's leadership qualities, work rate, and physicality set her apart as a top defensive midfielder. Patri Guijarro's rise in women's football has been impressive, and her performances for Barcelona highlight her immense potential. With her technical skills, versatility, and tactical awareness, Guijarro is vital in the midfield, contributing to both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game. As she continues to develop and gain more experience, Guijarro will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the women's football world for years to come.

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